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Cute Feet

Our Mission

Play Pals is committed to the development of children who learn differently. We build essential skills and confidence that foster lifelong success.

Kindergarten Classroom

About Us

Play Pals is an early learning developmental intensive inter-professional treatment program for children between the ages of 2-5 years. Children in the program receive intensive therapeutic instruction in a group and in 1-1 settings by licensed therapists to help them prepare for future participation in a school environment.

Play Pals uses a play-based intervention approach with a small adult to child ratio to prepare children for preschool, and to provide parent training for a family centered approach to enhance the child's overall development. Speech-Language and Occupational Therapies are an everyday part of the curriculum. Each therapist provides treatment by pushing into the group setting. Play Pals runs year round in order to provide intensive interprofessional treatment to meet the needs of each child.

Main areas of focus include: increasing communication, articulation, fine/gross motor development, creating friendships, initiating with peers, turn taking, sharing, following 1-2 step directions, transitioning, participating in adult directed activities, cooperative play, pretend play, and sensory/emotional regulation.

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