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Play Pals Developmental Program

Play Pals is an early learning developmental program for children between the ages of 2-5 years old who require additional support that they may not be receiving in a typical preschool. We specialize in helping children to develop gross motor, fine motor, speech-language, and social skills so that they can be successful in a school setting in the future.
Main areas of focus include: Creating friendships, initiating with peers, turn taking, sharing, following 1-2 step directions, transitioning, participating in adult directed activities, toilet training, preschool academic concepts, music and movement, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cooperative play, articulation, pretend play, and emotional regulation.
Speech-Language (ST) and Occupational (OT) Therapies are an everyday part of the curriculum. Each therapist provides treatment for 1 hour by pushing into the group setting. Play Pals runs on a traditional school calendar (August-May).

Kids Drawing

Academic Sessions

We offer 1-1 academic sessions in addition to Play Pals. Sessions are 30 minutes or 1 hour and occur either before or after Play Pals for children who are enrolled. These sessions allow the child to receive individualized education to supplement the Play Pals curriculum to ensure preschool and kindergarten readiness. Academic sessions are taught by a learning specialist who specializes in preschool and kindergarten curriculums such as math and reading. Learning Without Tears program is used to build critical skills in early literacy and writing. In addition, we use a multi-sensory approach in order to cater to all types of learners. Lessons are hands-on, fun, and individualized!

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Play Pals- Kindergarten Preparation

This program runs during June, July, and August each summer. This program caters to children ages 4-5 years old who are preparing for kindergarten. Children who may need additional support emotionally, academically, socially, or behaviorally in order to best prepare for a kindergarten classroom.
Main areas of focus include creating relationships with adults and peers, emotional regulation, impulse control, positive self-image, symbolic thinking, creative expression, executive functions (planning, evaluation, managing feelings), Language and literacy development, motor planning and processing skills, finger dexterity, handwriting, cutting, and pre-K academic concepts.

Image by Vitolda Klein

Play Pals Summer Camp

Play Pals Summer Camp is a continuation of the Play Pals Early Learning Developmental Program. The curriculum shifts to summer fun and STEAM learning focus. Children will engage in activities such as relays, games, music, technology, building, water play, messy projects, and pretend play.

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